I go on your site daily and love it!!. I love to read your reviews and have purchased some of the bags you have recommended. I have a quick question. I am broken between two Louis Vuitton bags. I am interested in the Neverfull MM and the fast 35. I am choosing the Damier version. I am looking long term and would be interested in your opinion.

I am much more conventional than not and I am a stay at home mom. I did purchase a YSL muse bag over Christmas. I got the cranberry color. It really is beautiful. Also, I am 40 years old. I want it to be age appropriate.

Tusind tak,

Jenna E.

It has been a while because my last installment of Ask Megs. In fact, it has been 2 years. We get dozens of emails daily and numerous of them are questions about bags. because I spend all day researching, looking at, and shopping for bags, I love to help anybody else out in their quest. this week I am spotlighting Jenna E., who is broken between purchasing the Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull and the Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy.

Jenna, it comes down to preference and what use you need from your handbag. That first line I just told you is entirely vague and probably annoying to read. but I guarantee to clarify my feelings on each bags, which hopefully will help you pick which is the best fit for you.

Louis Vuitton Speedy

The Louis Vuitton fast is one of the most classic, many iconic, many recognizable handbags of all time. numerous designers have tried to channel the fast when developing a bag, but nothing beats the original. The shape alone is worth purchasing (which is a major part of it being a Speedy). now comes in personal preference. The fast does not fit over your shoulder, at all. My fast bags sit at the crux of my arm, and depending on how much I put in the bag they end up being heavy and hurting my arm a bit. So I just use it as a hand-held bag, and that is the true use. If you are searching for a bag to review your shoulder, this is not the bag for you.

Furthermore, the fast does not keep its shape very well. The larger the fast size, the much more you will lose the shape. Also, the much more you put in the bag, the much more it will lose its shape. There are aftermarket items used to give the shape back to your bag, but without that, your fast will slouch. An inside zip pocket helps out with some organization, but not much.

It sounds like I only gave negatives for the Speedy, which was not my intention. I love my Louis Vuitton Speedys, and I own 3 of them. The 25 cm, 30 cm, and 35 cm. The 35 cm is best for everyday use and will hold much more essentials. It will never change being one of the most classic handbags ever. I personally love it, but felt the need to share the downsides.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The bag you want to compare the fast to is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, which has become another house staple. how can you not love this bag? It is lightweight, roomy, and reversible. The strongest point of this bag is its ease of use. The side laces allow you to tighten the bag into a much more compact shape or let them out to a full tote size. Either way, the volume of the inside of the bag is vast. and of course, it is reversible, which is a good touch and not found on numerous (if any) designer handbags.

It is not that the fast is not lightweight, but the large and long take on straps of the Neverfull will allow you to put this bag over your take on with ease and allocate the weight better for carrying. The take on straps are long and slender, without any additional chains or weight, which will not have it dig into your body.

The look of the bag is not nearly as renowned as the Speedy, but it is a great, simple, everyday tote. and an everyday tote is an essential for any collection. However, you did just tell me you purchased a YSL Muse. The Muse provides a similar shape to the fast but looks much more like the Neverfull if you have the side pulls cinched. I am having a hard time leaning either way for you. I would suggest deciding if you want a bag that can be worn over your take on conveniently or not and which looks strikes you the most. Håber dette hjælper!

Buy the fast 35 in Damier at LV online for $715 and the Neverfull MM in Damier for $700.

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