When Bottega Veneta very first released The pouch it instantly caught my eye. Its squishy, smooth leather, together with its soft gathered pleats was calling to my inner minimalist. as well as yet, I did not want to provide into the social network hype, so I decided to wait a while as well as see if I still felt the stimulate when the bag’s offered out condition fell off a bit. sure enough, the rate of interest stuck, as well as I was off to go after one of the fashion world’s biggest “it” bags.


This bag is available in a few different leathers nappa, intrecciato weave, as well as butter calf. I decided to go with the calfskin, as it’s the most difficult of the three as well as I can be a bit difficult on my bags. Butter calf is the perfect title for this leather since it is truly SO SOFT! The leather itself appears smooth from afar, as well as as a smooth leather should, it has a soft touch, nice sheen, as well as a solid flop factor. Up close it has a extremely flat, little grain, which assists prevent scratches a bit much better than say, a lambskin. Its simple nature as well as hardware-less style makes it simple to wear with any type of metal if you’re huge on jewelry. I wear a great deal of huge rings as well as bracelets on my hands so the pouch makes a fantastic canvas to show them off. I’m likewise a huge fan of the truth that this style lacks a logo. I’ve been looking for a simple grab as well as go kind of bag that shifts well from day to night as well as quickly be dressed up or down, as well as this bag does just that.

Usability + Functionality

Truthfully, even my “small” bags are oversized, not only since I like the look however I tend to bring a lot. pictured above is my everyday load, however really it might still hold more. Without the book it can even in shape my Sony A7R III camera as well as a little notepad for when I’m out photographing. The pouch has just a single compartment, so organization can be tough. There have been a number of times I had to stop when I was walking to try as well as fish something out. keeping that being said, I can see exactly how interior pockets might interfere with the bag’s design. When bring I do have to be mindful of my nails which can be a bit of a chore. No huge scratches yet however I have been sure to keep it moisturized as well as buff the leather after almost every use.

Quality + Construction

Bottega Veneta’s high quality has always been area on. wise styles paired with their elegant leathers have kept them on my radar for years. This bag embodies both of those aspects. The frame is solid, it opens smoothly as well as there isn’t any type of noise or resistance at the hinges. The frame is likewise key to producing its voluminous, rounded shape, assisting it stay structured where it matters. one more fantastic detail about the frame is that it’s magnetic as well as makes opening as well as closing the bag quite seamless. I online in nyc so fussy bags are not for me as I’m always going in as well as out of my bag on the go as well as usually bring it for hours at a time. in spite of it being a clutch I discover this bag extremely simple to wear, it’s lightweight so it doesn’t make my arm tired. It’s likewise relatively simple to bring as I can tuck it under my arm as well as utilize both hands when needed.

Price + Value

Even though the high quality of the bag is exceptional, the cost of The pouch after tax comes to about $3,000. I had to believe about it a great deal before buying. I always do a great deal of research study prior to buying any type of bag, as well as that includes seeing it in person a number of times before committing. ultimately I decided that I would wear it sufficient to validate the expense as well as sure sufficient it has ended up being one of my most heavily brought bags. keeping that being said, I don’t believe it’s worth having as a pattern bag, however I do believe it’s worth it if you want it to be part of your long-term collection.

Staying Power

In essence this bag is extremely much its name, a pouch. since it has no hardware, logos, patterns, or embellishments, I don’t see it as something that will date itself easily. As a matter of truth my therapist asked if my bag was vintage, reminding her of something she had in the 70s. I am not somebody who provides into patterns often, so staying power is something I always evaluate heavily when looking to invest. though this bag is hot now, I believe it will make its method into traditional status.

Samlet bedømmelse

This year marks a decade of collecting for me as well as it’s risk-free to state I’ve had a great deal of handbags. It takes a great deal to thrill me these days, as well as even more to persuade me to purchase. however I believe its risk-free to state that this bag has been one of my most interesting purchases in a long time. It encourages me to not just put clothes on, however to really get dressed as well as Tjek min stil. Det tager mit høje institutionsband Tee look til et helt andet niveau med ekstremt meget lidt indsats. Der er ingen tvivl om, at posen har et øjeblik, men jeg ser bestemt, at den har en langvarig funktion i min garderobe.

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